Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

  • What are your opening times?

We are open 9AM to 4PM Monday to Friday.

  • Where are you located?

4th floor, Crawford House, Booth Street East, Manchester, M13 9QS. See our Contact Us page

  • Where is the nearest car park to your department?

Car Park B (Booth Street East) See the Interactive Map (select Car Park)

  • I need to park close by due to walking difficulties- can I park on site?

Please contact us to arrange this.

Services Provided

  • How do I refer myself, a student or a colleague?

Please see our referral pages for details on how to refer.

  • How do I get an appointment to return to work/study after an interruption?

For a return to work appointment you must be referred to us by your school or department so please contact them.

  • Where do I get a MMR/Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

You should see your GP, unless it is a requirement for your work or studies.

  • Can I see a GP here?

No, sorry we are not able to help as we are not a primary care service. See our NHS Services page for future guidance. There, you will find additional information on how to register with a GP.

  • Are you a walk-in centre?

No. To find a list of Manchester walk-in centres, please visit our NHS Services & Emergencies page.

  • Is your service confidential?

Yes. We are bound by strict rules regarding confidentiality and clinical information will only be shared with your informed consent. For more information see The University's Data Protection website.

  • How do I get an eye test (for DSE users)?

The NEW DSE guidelines. (July 2020)

  • Can I have counselling here?

No. If you require counselling, you should contact the Counselling Service.

  • Can I get my travel vaccinations here?

We provide travel vaccinations and advice for staff and students that are travelling as part of their work or studies.

  • Do I need to pay for my vaccinations that are elective/related to work?

It varies depending on the school and the reason for travel. Please discuss this with an Occupational Health Nurse and they will advise accordingly.

  • What vaccinations do I need for my course?

For information on the vaccines required for your course then please contact your school. For more specific guidance, please Contact Us.

  • When will I receive my appointment for my health screening?

Your School will inform you as to when your appointment is.

  • Are screening appointments statutory?

Yes. Where necessary for health surveillance required under legislation or screening due to course requirements.

  • Can you give me the flu vaccine?

No. You will need to speak about this to your GP.

  • How do I cancel or rearrange an appointment?

We would prefer that you try to keep your appointment. However, if this is not possible, then please Contact Us as soon as possible.


  • Can I have access to my Occupational Health records?

Yes. We supply copies of documents from your records; the information can only be given to you. Conact Us.

  • How do I register with a dentist?

Please see the NHS Services & Emergencies page.

  • Do you have a HC1 form?

You can pick one up from the Students' Union, a Jobcentre Plus or NHS hospital. You may also get an HC1 form by contacting the A&E department of your nearest hospital. To download a HC1 form. HC1 form

Medical Emergencies

  • What do I do if I have a needlestick/sharps injury?

Please see our needlestick/sharps injury guidance page. To obtain urgent advice, please Contact Us between 9AM and 4PM Monday to Friday.

Out of hours and bank holidays: contact the A&E department of your nearest hospital. At the earliest opportunity, report the incident to us.

  • Where can I see a first aider?

Find out who your nearest First Aider. For more information,

  • There is a student in our halls/school with suspected meningitis/mumps/measles etc., what do I do?

Call us immediately to provide us with more details.

  • Who do I contact in an emergency?

We do not provide treatment or diagnosis, so in most situations it is best to go to your GP or a NHS walk-in centre (see our NHS Services & Emergencies page) who will be able to assist in an emergency. If you need to speak to us urgently, please call us.