Occupational Health Service

Our Service Principles

  • We provide an advisory service to the University, to promoting the health, safety, and well-being of staff and students.

  • We conform to standards of clinical confidentiality, acting with integrity to provide an independent service. Service users have a right to expect that no personal or medical information will be shared or disclosed, unless their consent is obtained to do so.

  • Our Occupational health records are classified as medical records for which professional guidance and legislation exists; including the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, The Access to Health Records Act 1990 and The Medical Reports Act 1998; which requires the University to ensure that Occupational Health records are only accessible by Occupational Health staff.

  • Our role is not to take over the function of the General Practitioner or other Health Services, which are provided for the community at large.

  • Our advisory role does not diminish the ultimate responsibility of all managers for the welfare, counselling, guidance, discipline and safety of their staff and students.

  • Our services are provided on an appointment basis.

  • Staff and students may be referred by management to the Occupational Health Service at any time during their employment or study.

  • Staff and students may access the service as a self-referral and will be provided with first available appointment depending upon need.

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