Occupational Health Service

Referrals by Staff

If any member of staff is concerned that health concerns or a disability are affecting a student’s studies or that academic demands are impacting on a student’s health, they can refer the student to the Occupational Health Service.

These appointments are an opportunity for the student to discuss health and work-related issues in confidence with an occupational health professional.

Some possible reasons for referral include:

  • Attendance management
  • Concerns of a student’s health affecting their studies.
  • Concerns that a student’s studies are having adverse effects on their health.
  • Where there is a request for an extension for a piece of coursework, or special requirements needed for assessments (exams etc.)
  • To assess mitigating circumstances that may have had an effect on a student’s academic performance.

This referral must be discussed with the student before they are referred so that everyone understands the purpose of the referral.

The student has the right to refuse referral, however the individual must be aware that further decisions and actions may have to be made without the benefit of a medical assessment.

After the appointment, the school will be sent a report and recommendations from the Occupational Health Service.

To make a referral the member of staff must complete a Referral Form (word format Referral document) and email it to the Occupational Health Service (address available on our Contact Us page).

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