Occupational Health Service

The following Occupational Health Services are available for Staff

Advice on fitness for appointment and appropriate adjustment where necessary

Reviewing the fitness of employees during illness and advising on rehabilitation and re-deployment, where appropriate

Advising management and employees in relation to sickness absence

Assessing risk relating to the health of individuals and groups engaged in particular tasks

Health surveillance

Assessing employees eligibility for long term disability benefits and for retirement on health grounds

Offering help and support in relation to alcohol, smoking, drug abuse or other health issues which may affect employees

Provision of comprehensive travel advice/ vaccinations/ travel packs for essential work travel

Providing advice in relation to medico-legal employment issues

Employees may be seen:

Following management referral

Following self-referral

For statutory health surveillance appointments

Medical Fitness for visitors

Medical Fitness for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and visitors to the University of Manchester from another Institute or Educational Establishment for a short period of time where evidence of health surveillance is required

The PI/Responsible Person must undertake a suitable risk assessment to identify any hazards which the work/study will involve.

There is a need to ensure that any medical screening/health surveillance recommended to the visiting student is consistent with that which is provided to the staff and students within the University Of Manchester.

The visiting student needs to be informed prior to the agreed study what medical screening/health surveillance is required.

It is the responsibility of the Home University/Educational Establishment/Institute to ensure that the appropriate medical screening/health surveillance is undertaken.

Subsequently, evidence of appropriate medical screening/health surveillance needs to be provided by the student and forwarded to the relevant PI/Responsible Person prior to attendance at the course at Manchester University.

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