Occupational Health Service

What to expect

The Doctors and Nurses at the Occupational Health Service are specialists concerned with the effect of study on health and conversely the effect of health on study. They provide a communication bridge between you, your own Doctor and/ or Specialist, and the person making the referral.

You may have been referred as a result of concern or following a period of recurrent absence or a more prolonged period of absence.

Whatever the reason the Occupational Physician/ Nurse will have been asked to see and examine you (if appropriate) and answer a series of questions.

The person making the referral will have explained the reason and purpose of the referral and indeed you have a right to know the details of what is being asked.

Whatever the reason for the referral our aim is, wherever possible, to ensure that you are fit and well at University.

How it works

Who will you see?

You will be seen by a qualified Nurse or Doctor both with additional specialist qualifications in occupational medicine.

How long will the appointment last?

Please allow up to 45 minutes for an appointment. It may well be considered appropriate to arrange a further/ review appointment but this will be discussed with you.

What will happen during the consultation?

The Doctor/ Nurse will take a history and ask you questions about your health and your course of study and anything else which may be relevant to the situation. If appropriate, the Doctor may undertake a relevant physical examination. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your course of study and your health. At the end of the consultation the Doctor/ Nurse will discuss and provide a detailed summary of his/ her opinion and the answers to the questions asked by the individual making the referral.

Is the consultation confidential?

The information you provide is treated as confidential and only in exceptional circumstances, and with your informed consent, is it necessary to divulge any clinical information.

The outcome of the consultation?

Following the consultation the Doctor/ Nurse will discuss his/ her answers to the questions posed by the individual making the referral. These usually cover practical issues e.g. fitness to continue to study, the need for any recuperative programme, practical adjustments etc. etc. You have the right to see any report and indeed can be provided with a copy if you so wish.

Do we always send a report?

If you have been referred formally we will send a report. However, Students also have the right to make a self-referral to the service if they wish to discuss any issues concerning study/ health. In these cases no report is sent unless it is mutually agreed that this would be helpful.

I hope that the information provided here is reassuring to you but you will be given the opportunity to discuss any further details/ concerns at the start of any consultation.

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