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Complaints Procedure

Occupational Health Service Complaints Procedure


Occupational Health Service Complaints Procedure

The Occupational Health Services staff strive to provide both Students and Staff with a professional, confidential and courteous service whatever the reasons for the appointment.

You can be reassured that if the Occupational Physician/ Occupational Health Nurse has been asked to undertake a medical assessment it will be appropriate, objective and unbiased based on the findings.

Should you feel that we have fallen short of these standards, in the first instance you should contact us:-

1. Preliminary Enquiries

1.1 If you are considering whether to make a complaint, you are very welcome to make preliminary enquiries or have informal discussions by telephone or by appointment with the Head of Occupational Health Services or the Occupational Health Services Manager or one of their colleagues.

2. Making a Complaint

2.1 Details of the complaint must be addressed in writing to the Head of Occupational Health Services (Mr John Newton), Waterloo Place, 182-184 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9GP or john.newton-4@manchester.ac.uk and marked confidential. It must state the nature of the complaint, give relevant details of dates and name the Member(s) of staff concerned.

2.2 Students registered at the University may make a complaint in accordance with Regulation XVIII (Student Complaints Procedure) (http://documents.manchester.ac.uk/DocuInfo.aspx?DocID=1893). Students should consult Regulation XVIII in advance of making a complaint. Occupational Health Services adheres to Regulation XVIII in its complaint handling. For student complaints, it is intended that the Occupational Health Services Complaints Procedure aligns with paragraph 17 of the Student Complaints Procedure.

2.3 The complaint should be made as near as possible to the events concerned, usually within 40 working days of the incident to which it refers. The person complained against will be notified of the complaint.

2.4 In making the complaint it is helpful for you to give an indication of your desired outcome. You should also indicate the outcome of any action you have already taken to raise and resolve the matter directly with the person(s) complained against.

2.5 On receipt of the complaint the Head of Occupational Health Services (or delegated nominee) will consider the complaint and make a judgement on the complaint passing it on to the Occupational Health Services Manager where necessary. Occupational Health Services will not consider a complaint that is already being considered by another procedure elsewhere either inside or outside of the University.

3. Our Response

3.1 Your complaint will be fully investigated as soon as possible and we will make an initial acknowledgement within five working days with a full written response within 20 working days.

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